Demo 2012

by Stealin' The Farm

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Stealin' The Farm is NW Indiana's premier Funk/Country Jam band. How on Earth these guys pull off jamming Funk and Country together is beyond me, but they do, and it is bad ass. Starting off with a good selection of Grateful Dead cover, Stealin' has been rockin' the region since 2007. Over the Past few years, the band has been dialing in their massive live sound as well as finding and developing one hell of a groove. Whether you have stepped outside, or are inside with a brew in your hand, if you are not bobbing your head to full blown sounds of Stealin' The Farm, you're a punk ass.


released April 20, 2012

Recorded by: Mike Kmieck during March and April of 2012.
All music and lyrics by Stealin' The Farm.
Produced by: Stealin' The Farm & Under City records 2013

Stealin' The Farm is: Marcus Safirt - Bass/Vocals, Nick Stone - Lead Guitar, Jonathan Smith - Keyboards/Vocals, Justin - Percussion.

*Mike K played drums on this album


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Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.

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Track Name: The Rain
"The Rain"
Written by Marcus Safirt

Makin your way down the path of a broken Heart
And the world around you has taken you too far
You cant turn away
As your head fills with pain
No more room for the shame
Bring on the rain
Bring on the rain

Pavin your way the same place you’ve already been
And you know damn well aint nothing there but sins
Everyday gets a little worse

like the riot in your dreams
ease your mind find some courage babe
listen to the breeze I can hear the breeze
Made your way now ya know just where you’ve been
But none of that matters now that all the rules have changed
Track Name: Stayin' With Friends
"Staying with Friends"
Written by Jon Smith

Well I’m staying with friends and they’re still asleep
I’m awake on the couch I can’t remember my dreams .
Sweat rolls down my back like it’s running from me
And ten months behind the only direction I see.
These cigarettes they don’t taste like anything
There’s not a book a shelf that speaks a word to me
When numb is more normal than normal be well,
We drink a lot of whiskey.
There was a time if you
Care to hear or believe
I didn’t act
This way

There’s a girl in the house and she frowns on the floor
Sad that her flower has evened the score
Not remembering what life was like before
With a days worth of work she couldn’t have said more
Well whats the wicked matter I whisper my woes
He plays in a sandbox and calls on the phone
And I haven’t held his head since the ocean left me I’ve been
Drinking a lot of whiskey

Now to find my way home along out of sight
When keeping the peace means living a lie
I got a rose in one hand the other a knife
I don’t know who they’re for
I don’t see any sign
Well do mountains learn to speak when you’re lonely enough
I heard something about the wind forgot to mention love
Sweet wind sing your song here I be just
Drinking a lot of whiskey
Track Name: Change The Plan
"Change the Plan"
Written by Marcus Safirt

We want to see where we are going
Tomorrow we’ll know just where we have been.
Everyone wants to know the future but
Don’t want to deal with the present

Everyone thinks they are moving forward
But they’re running in place going straight to HELL
Turn It around or change the plan
Because tomorrow will never be here again

Don’t follow that coalman
He’s mining for the fools gold
If you let the rubble consume you
Then my friend you have lost your hold
Track Name: Hongos
Written by Marcus Safirt

Walking in the moonlight
Everything is just right
Moving down those railroad tracks
Layin’ flat on our backs
I can hear the rumble
Music from the jungle
Something is coming after me.

Moving down a side street
Moments from an argument
Which way should we go my friend
We’ll let the journey decide it

Getting towards the beach
The sun is starting to peak out
A roar from across the street
I think it’s time we should move our feet.