by Beresith

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Debut album "Lurker" from the Mid-Western death metal menaces of Beresith. Download the digital copy for free by entering 0.00 under Buy Now.

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This is our first album, it took us about six years to get a full lineup, finish the songs, and get in the studio. We are proud to release this shit for free.

Beresith is:

Matt "Howdy" Houghton - guitar
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Taylor Patz - drums/vocals
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Brad Ferrell - bass

Bobby Lee - vocals

Will Davis - guitar
-Other Work:

C & P Under City Records 2012


released December 1, 2012

Recorded February 25th & 26th at Wall To Wall Music Studios in Chicago, IL.
Engineered by Andrew Ragin & Frank Caruso.
Produced by Andrew Ragin & Beresith.
Mastered by Alan Douches & Mike Piacentini at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.


all rights reserved



Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.

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Track Name: Ghetto Machete
Blood stained alleyway, severed head; face gashed in all directions. Mutilated cadaver with gaping wounds; a wretched stench of homicide. Pavement coffin, pools of blood; a stew made of flies and maggots. Post-mortem blunt force trauma; Ghetto machete funeral.

Nightstalker; a savage collector of body parts. A cannibalistic pioneer. Sharp canine rodent teeth took nine days to eat the body.

“For all these things I’m not the least bit sorry!”

Blood stained alleyway. Severed head; Face gashed in all directions Mutilated cadaver with gaping wounds; A wretched stench of homicide. Pavement coffin. Pools of blood; a stew made of flies and maggots. Post-mortem blunt force trauma; ghetto machete funeral.

I shall be haunted by this sight for the rest of my life; another human head.

“For all these things I’m not the least bit sorry!” Strangled with a blood stained blade. A city gripped by fear. “I love to kill people. I love watching them die. Hordes of bodies… I love all that blood... Satan’s god damned blood!”
Track Name: Beer I Sip
Ah fuckin’ Sunday. We should’ve brought more beer. Take a trip up North, I‘ll drive, but you steer.

Six days a week everything is just fine, but on fuckin’ Sunday we’ve gotta’ hit the line. Fill up a growler or two or ten.

Beer I sip. Fuck your shit. Beer I sip, ‘cause fuck your shit, give me a beer and that’s it!

You can’t say our name, well, we all drink beer. Start a circle pit and bring the fear. Blood on the floor and there’s beer on the ceiling! Cans flying like missiles. Move aside, or don’t, its all the same. Golden blood, flowing, the

beer I sip. Fuck your shit. Beer I sip, ‘cause fuck your shit, give me a beer and that’s it! ‘Cause fuck your shit, give me a beer and that’s it!
Track Name: Seven
Without hesitation quickly attack, with no thought of self preservation, knowing only the blood of our foes. Cries for mercy will be ignored. Kill to the last. Identical thoughts of the enemy; equally matched. Blow for blow, blood for blood - still unyielding, the ground turned red. Screams lost in the fray.

Do your duty. You have your commands the orders are clear. Destroy those who stand in your path. You must not fear, for it is our cause that is right, and all those who would stand before us will be destroyed. Overcoming exhaustion, ignoring pain. Ever onward! The earth is a massive corpse continually desecrated over and over again. We will fight until we are nothing, nothing but ashes. Rotting away.
Track Name: Beresith
While searching for the answers we have unleashed the greatest threat to humanity. These somnambulists walk among us. The lucky few will be devoured. Our means of warfare rendered useless, for how do you kill what has no life?

This is our nightmare; the living dead. Once deceased, now they walk again. They are the nightmare, living yet dead. Brutally, they’re resurrected.

We must abandon all emotion if we are to survive, if we are to last at all.

We are the nightmare; living yet dead. Reanimated corpses. We are the nightmare. We are the dead. Brutally we’re resurrected.

We will abandon all hope. We will destroy. We will kill them.

We are doomed. Yet, if we’re to last at all, we must be like them. We must become emotionless killers, obtaining no joy from the hunt. Aimlessly they stalk knowing no concept of hope. Empty husks of those we used to love, now reduced to demons consuming flesh.

Nothing can destroy death.
Track Name: Suicide Pit
Spiral further down, drown where you stand. A wasteland of shit surrounds you. Every decision worse than the last. Blind cries of fate in everything you do.

Carnage and destruction replaces all hope. You are nothing. Every wasted breath, every moment lived; disintegrated and lost. You have nothing left to give.

Retribution is just one pill away, no. The end for you, it is now. Visions of suicide instead of sleep. Visions of your death take place of my dreams. We will make up for your lack of life. You are nothing but incentive to rise out of the...

Suicide pit. Suicide Pit. You are dead!
Track Name: Void
Track Name: Lurker
Lethargic nomad of the abyss; perpetual servant of time and space; lurker of amaranthine. Silent and unseen. Intangible rival of reason, this endless countdown. Betrayed by existence. Abandoned by reflection. Primed to protest and braced to beset. No longer shall the law of infinity rule the souls of nature. No longer shall we abide. This endless spiral of time must cease to exist. It will be brought down. Traveling through planes mortal man cannot tread. With dark intentions destiny’s blood has been shed! Wasted devotions. Monuments to nothing built of others’ lies. Wasted talents: used in vain in wasted time. Ever present invisible tormentor; orphan child of science. His task is almost complete. “We see glimpses of truth, from cracks of sky it seeps, and we know that we’ve been wrong.” Terror and fear of the unknown grip our inferior minds as what we’ve been led to believe is destroyed. Silent no longer; roaring triumphant rage of the ancient bystander. “Infinitum actu non datur.” There can be no infinity!
Track Name: Manifest Blasphemy
All of the bullshit that you say holds no fucking ground. Eyes raped wide open. The veil of ignorance that you wear so proudly, is woven of your own design, and you’ve worn it for so long that it has become a part of you. Your vision is blurred and you can’t see for shit!

This is not just about the dirty priests, this is about using your mind. Fueled by a desperate desire for more than acceptance, you manifest blasphemy! The herd is quick to believe what survival calls us to question. The choice is yours; die until you die.

Kill ‘em, blood, rape the whores! What? You have seen what can happen. Not everyone can be right. Like a leech to a cadaver’s skin, there is no salvaging salvation. They claim unity though their own brothers are not free from their own blind piercing stare. Falling is inevitable, though they will hardly notice the drop.

They fight for what they think is the truth, demanding loyalty on faith, not proof. It’s all in what you choose. Don’t be a fucking dickhead. We create our own bullshit; your blasphemy manifested!