Respect Our Loyalty

by Blood In Blood Out

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"Respect Our Loyalty" is the hardcore album that sounds like, and says, everything that so many bands have tried to imitate since its release in 2005. This album shows Blood In Blood Out at its best. Don't get me wrong, every track on the first album, "No One Conquers Who Doesn't Fight", is killer. But This album wields a much more matured, and harder hitting sound than BIBO has ever done before it. The title track, "Respect Our Loyalty", hits fast, and hits hard as hell. The lyrical theme, as well as the music, displays a powerful level of aggression that demands attention. "So fuck you. Never once did you care. It makes me sick because that's all that I did was care 'cause this is all that I got. And I never turned my fucking back." One cannot help but to remain enthralled in the sheer intensity of this song. This is probably why so many hardcore bands have tried to find theirs by ripping this one off. "Alone" quickly follows-up with just as much anger and force. The lyrics depict what it is like to live a life without someone who was once so close. "A life without you. Without you all I think about is the end, and nothing more. A life without you." The music is perfectly fitting with the anger and the frustration illustrated by the lyrics. "This Fight We Fought" is about not backing down. It is about not putting up with bullshit by taking a stand. "You come around and we should just bow but we won't so fuck you." As per usual of BIBO, this song is hard as fuck. The rest of the album is damn near just as intense as these first three songs; with dive-bombs, d-beats, and a good balance of enlightenment and hatred. The lyrics of "Who Crowned You King" justify this balance: "We both know, in this scene - Negativity gets us nowhere." Still, there is a reason why the band usually only plays the first three songs from this album live. The whole thing STILL rules, and will still continue to rule as it is "THE" classic example of what makes Midwest Hardcore the most rowdy and loyal family of scumbags, ever. To finish, a quote from track 9, "You Choose Your Own Fate":

"You don't respect yourself and now your life is hell."


released January 1, 2005

2005 Spook City Records


all rights reserved



Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.

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Track Name: Respect Our Loyalty
So fuck you, never once did you care. It makes me sick because that's all that I did was care 'cause this is all that I got. And I never turned my fucking back. To this day I wouldn't change anything. My choice was made, I know what I'm up against. I don't want money, I don't want fucking fame. I've got my friends and a place to call my home now. Through thick and thin we're still right here. We've seen you come and go and we're right here. With odds against us it doesn't matter. Respect our loyalty. It's not the shirt that we wear on our back. It's not the city we're living in. If this wasn't our life we'd give up by now. Like it or not we're here to fucking stay. Our views, our voice you can't take away any of this. Your strength, your numbers it don't mean shit you'll be gone in a minute. Why can't you fucking see that we are who we are and we won't change. I never fit in with the crowd. I never will 'cause that's just how it goes. I don't care either way though 'cause I know that we are not alone. There's others like us out in the world that don't fit in but continue on. We're not the toughest, we don't claim to be, but we've got loyalty. Our voice, our convictions, our views, our determination, respect our loyalty. Always give it, but never get it. Respect our loyalty.
Track Name: Alone
Alone! A life without you! I've made it this far alone, through all the hard times. My father raised me well. It still hurts inside. A life without you. Without you every second that goes by hurts, a life in pain. A life without you. Without you all I think about is the end, and nothing more. A life without you. And it seems like yesterday, that you were alive. You're still alive in my heart and there you'll never die. I feel the pain. It never ends, I'm broken but never dead. You fell victim to things beyond control. I prayed to god but no one answered the call. Your life reduced to just a memory. I think about you every single day.
Track Name: This Fight We Faught
You come around and we should just bow but we won't so fuck you. 'Cause this is ours, this is fucking ours. This fight we fought and we won't give in. Built from nothing now this is our everything. Put in our sweat, put in our hearts, and we will never forget. We won't give in. Six years ago was just the start of it. Now we won't fucking leave. No we won't go away. We're here to fucking stay. Stick to our guns we'll ride this out forever. You pull your rank we're supposed to obey. This fight we fought and we won't go away. Put in our time, put in our hearts. We're here to stay. This fight we fought and we won't give in.
Track Name: Embarrass Our Name
You are fucked in the head there's nothing we can do. You are so far gone change is up to you. You've brainwashed some, but you can't take us all. Your half-cocked theories are all flawed. Can't you see, you embarrass yourself, you embarrass our name and I fucking hate you. And I can't believe some peoples naive ways. You're so fucking blind. As far as I'm concerned you are nothing to me, and in my eyes I see you as a liar and a thief. Why can't anyone else see through your facade. I knew from the start. You never had me fooled. That you were something you're not. Your plan wasn't fool proof. You've brainwashed some, but there's some that can't be fooled. Now wipe that smile off your face.
Track Name: For All That He Has Done
At one time I'd look up to fools. And now I realize I was the fool. Looking back I knew nothing of you. Why did I strive to be like them? They had no life they did nothing for me. But I was young and I was so naive. I tried to fit in with the wrong crowd. I later found myself questioning choices. My father took me away and saved me without knowing. And still to this day I look up to him for all that he has done. It's sad that it took years for me to notice the constant struggle and the constant fight. In desperate times he's always come out on top and now I know and I look up to him for all that he has done.
Track Name: Who Crowned You King?
Who needs you in this world? You walk right in like you own this place. So turn around and walk right out. Your kind isn't welcome anymore. I'm tired of these fucking games. You're always looking down upon the new kids. You point out all their flaws. You're just in it for all the wrong reasons. I wasn't born into the scene, but I've got more heart than you ever did. That's all that matters, that's all that counts. Hardcore's in my heart and it's my fucking world. I'm fucking tired of you, because you ruin this scene. I've been there and done that. I've walked in those shoes before. We both know, in this scene - Negativity gets us nowhere.
Track Name: Come to Terms
I'm just tired of being your friend. No more nice guy, I've had enough. You made your path right over me. Pushed me too far that's where we stand. You took advantage of my sincerity. You used me you sucked me dry. I've come to terms with my life. You'll see some changes soon. You'll see them soon. I've been pushed around for far too long. It's time I stand up and be a man. I must conquer my demons. Just beware I'll take your shit no more, I won't take your shit. Step softly now 'cause it's here. It's time for me to come clear. I'm not out to make enemies but I sure as hell ain't befriending you.
Track Name: Life Sucks
I don't have shit so I've got nothing to lose. You could take my life but what would that prove. I can't say I'm not afraid to die. Must admit I think a lot about my demise. I'm broke, I'm lost, and I honestly don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. I've lost interest years ago. I'm buried up to my neck. Buried in my fucking debt. Life seems so miserable but life sucks and what can you do. I don't give a fuck. I'm broke and I'm lost and I don't give a fuck. Sometimes I seem so miserable but that's life and what can you do. What can I do to change my life to make it right. It seems like there's nothing to live for. These are just some of the thoughts that go through my mind every fucking day. One day I will step up and make a change.
Track Name: You Choose Your Own Fate
You don't respect yourself and now your life is hell. Your boyfriend sells you every night. I see the faces of the people you take for rides. I can't feel sorry for you. You have no real job just these games that you play. Every night is a different lie. You show up at my work and live off your lie. People's hard earned money you take. These are hard times to that I can relate, but you are a piece of shit. You chose your own fate. Day in day out they give you the money and fucking give in. The fucking money that they earned. With all the time you've put into hustling you could have had a real fucking job. But your drug habit keeps you away from that. Now get the fuck out of my site now. You chose your own fate. You live off your lies. This is your demise.
Track Name: Your Hatred Dies With You
Ignorance, you're the epitome of it. I can't believe you call yourself a man. When you just hide behind a costume like a child. And you think this intimidates me. Black skin scares you not me. Put through these years of hatred and suffering. I'm sure it's easy to hate when you don't show your face. I'm ashamed to say that we share the same race. Disgust, I can't take it no more. I would pay to watch you die. And if you've got a family, I want to watch them die as well, because that's what you deserve for being a lowlife. Your hatred dies tonight! Your hatred dies - with you. And you better believe that I will be there to watch you die. Try to stop me. You can't stop me. You're on your way out.