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If you ever step foot into the Midwest music scene at all, you are bound to run into a familiar face or two. This is because the real Midwest scene only exists because of these few familiar faces. The times may have changed, but the faces have only aged. Band in and band out, the NWI has seen many changes but a few solid chords still get struck right when it matters. These are not just your average punk-ass chords, these are the go-fuck-yourself riffs of All These Years and Nothing. If you took all of the lyrics that Right Arm Death Threat never wrote, and all of the energy that Nowhere Bound had, and all the bands that these guys were a part of since that time, and then ashed your cigarette out on that, you would wind up with this bad ass, eleven-track punk album that finally decided to show its worthy face. Do not think of this as a re-hashing of any of those old bands or a redundant example of what has already been done. But if you do like OFF, Pennywise, Dillenger Four, and old Offspring, this one is for you. This is the time to turn a new page and to keep the hearts pumping. With tracks like "PC Load Letter", you are ensured by the lyrics that there is more to come: "Forget today. Forget this day. Tomorrow needs to get here so I can breathe. Fuck today!" Track number 10, Fly-Over States, could have been released as a single and it would have earned just as much attention as the whole album. Acting almost as an Ode to the Midwest and how, to a nation, the region can appear to be of little significance. I mean seriously, what good ever came out of Indiana? The final lines of the song sum it up:

"We don't care what is said. We follow no leaders cause we set our own trends. We're still here. We are always here."


released February 26, 2013

All These Years and Nothing is a punk band out of NW Indiana. The album is available for free download through UCR, but if you want to support the band, go to:



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Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana. info@undercityrecords.com

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Track Name: I Smell Patchouli
Being different makes us who we are.

Love everyone for who they are.
Accept everyone for who they are.
Two important things to consider, while in this life.
Two important things to remember, while in this life.

How hard is it to treat others the right way?
What's so hard about being a decent human being?

If the tables were turned, how would you feel?
Have we not learned anything from our past? Our History? Our Lives?

What's so hard about being nice....why can't you see the light?

How hard is it to treat others the right way?
What's so hard about being a decent human being?
Track Name: Lost Who I am
I feel alive. I Fell alive again. My vice has returned. How did I make it this far? And my youth, and my youth has left me. Leaving me, holding on to what little I have left inside me.

LOST IN SILENCE. Lost in silence - Lost who I am.
LOST WHO I AM. No direction but plenty on my mind.

I still reach. I still reach for the stars. Like i did many years before. A change in life might change who we are. And I've changed. But I've changed before. But it's nothing I worry about. My heart, it never wanders too far.

Give me a voice. Give me a song. Give's me the feeling that I belong. And nothing can replace the void inside, when everything I loved inside has died.
Track Name: PC Load Letter
It's been one of those days.
You know the days I mean.
The kind that make you want to just give up and quit.
When everything that can go wrong, well it goes wrong and a whole lot more.
You just want to put your fists through the wall.
If I can fight the urge and make it through this day.
Maybe tomorrow brings a better day.
A better way. A better day.
Forget today. Forget this day. Tomorrow needs to get here so I can breathe. Fuck today!
Track Name: Dissappear
Save your breath.
Stop talking to me. Stop talking.
Save your words.
Cause they don't mean shit anyways.
Save your breath. Stop explaining. Stop explaining yourself to me. Because the words don't mean shit when you're living a lie inside.

I can't see you. Where did you go?
Why did you say you were here? When I waited and you were a no show. The truth is that you fucking lie.
You jumped ship but now you try, now you try but it's too little too late.

You said your goodbyes. You looked me in the eyes.
Now fall through the cracks and disappear, disappear, fucking disappear.
Track Name: Mulch Piles and Property Lines
I see you stare a me, judge as you may.
Face in the window all fucking day.
I know you've got nothing better to do, but i can't make a move without tripping on your nose.
Take a picture it'll last twice as long.
I should expect it but you're still fucking wrong.
So why don't you mind you're own fucking business.
Track Name: Super Cool Guy
Afraid of judgments.
False fronts built up.
Can't tell no one because you can't accept it yourself.
Hide behind walls.
Built in Defense.
Logical reasoning abandoned as well.

You're a shell of a man and I can see that you're not in control of yourself. You're a shell of a man and ignorance isn't always bliss.

You cry just like everyone else. What's wrong with feeling something? Surprise this world with some new ideas. What's wrong with feeling something...other then anger and hate?
Track Name: Who Would've Thought
Thursday's here again and here we are the two of us.
It seems like yesterday was the first day that we met.
As I stare down at you, I see the world a whole new way.
I never thought this would be life for me.
Part of me would tell you this isn't what I wanted, no.
But then I saw your face and nothing else mattered anymore.
How crazy life can be.

Whoa! I wouldn't change this for the world.
Whoa! I wouldn't wish this any other way.

I've seen it before. I've seen so many walk away but I won't be seen ever walking away. Yeah I've seen it before and I'll see it a thousand times again. But I won't be seen ever walking away. I'm not walking away. I'm not fucking walking away.

Changed my life. You changed my world and I want to be always there for you.
Track Name: America's Next Top Whore
I look into your eyes, but I don't see it. No I don't see it.
I'm staring at your face, but I don't see it. No I don't.

Your mouth spills out your soul.
You're filth is unveiled.
Your vanity alone can't win our hearts.
You fucking failed.

You can't hide the truth.

You can't hide the truth. You're fake outside.
You can't hide the truth. You're fake inside.
Track Name: Bullied
I can't breathe and I can't see a fucking end to any of this.
I am alone but nobody knows and I reach out for help.
But no ones there or nobody cares. A feeling I know all too well.
I think I've reached the end of my rope. So can someone help me?
Please just save me.
Help to break free from this mess.

All good thoughts of myself slowly fade away.

I am alone. Alone in this world.
No one believes me and nobody cares.
Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.
This is my final cry for help. Goodbye cruel world.
Track Name: Fly-Over States
We're odd and we're awkward.
We're not pretty to look at.
We don't fit the bill.
Still no escape from judgment.
Appreciation given to all that deserve.
And all the respect to all that have earned it.

We follow our own.
To distances unheard.
We don't try to fit in.
We just follow our hearts.
Diverse in all that we know.
Not too hard to call this home.
From day one they've come and gone.
The majority of the faces have not changed.

We don't ever burn out.
We don't fade away.
We know that times have changed.
But the faces only aged.

We don't care what is said.
We follow no leaders cause we set our own trends.
We're still here.
We are always here.
Track Name: There Is No Santa
I was hoping I'd never hear your name again.
Mostly hoping I'd never see your face.
Because I have made it a long time without even thinking about what you've done to me.
I tried to move along.
I tried to bury it deep.
Deep within my soul.
But I couldn't bury it deep enough.
So fuck you for fucking me up.

He got you. You got me. This vicious cycle ends right here. Today. Cause you're not what I want to turn out to be.

I've been through some fucked up shit.
And my life is nothing worse then yours but there's shit about me that you just don't know.
I tried to make those memories go away and disappear but there as clear as day.
And I know there's not just one person to blame.
Cause the same thing. Well it happened to you and I know it's the fucking truth.
I've hated you for so long but I've forgiven you.

Cause it happened to you and I know its the truth.