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by Nowhere Bound

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Nowhere Bound is - Ryan, Taylor, Dave, Howdy and Jaaron


released July 23, 2011

Recorded , mixed and mastered at Mercenary Digital Studios in ZION, ILLINOIS by Scott Creekmore

If you would like a Physical copy of the cd, email Jaaron at

*****CARY BALDWIN played ALL drum tracks on this album*****


all rights reserved



Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.


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Track Name: Routines
Spent all this time waiting for something, to just end up with nothing.
Repeat offender in clear violation. Standing on the shoulders of giants, I still show no direction. No place to call home.

I am just a machine. Procedures & following.

Nihilism is my business. Don't rely on anyone. They'll erase you. Cut you. Dissappear.
Disregard you when their gaining is done. They will move on.(2x)

They will move on. Dissapate. Regulate.

The swarm of humanity is never taking a holiday. They're always stripping us of everything.

The swarm of humanity never taking a holiday. Always stripping us of anything/everything.

I am just a machine.

Routine. Routine. Routine.
Track Name: Beliefs
Don't think for a second that you are free from the judgement because of your chosen beliefs.

You are no better than me. I've been down your "road to salvation" & saw nothing but delusion & greed. You expect me to bow down?

Recite false doctrines & apostle's creeds. You follow blindly. Converted by fear like the rest of the fucking sheep. You will not convert me.

The prophets said that we would dance & sing our praise for thee...but I will have no altar. I will hear no hymns.

I have no altar. I hear no hymns. (2x)

Been down your road to salvation & saw nothing but lies. I hear no hymns.

Don't think for a second that you are free.
Track Name: Weaker
All smoke is gone. The dust has settled. I finally can see clear.

This is our time. We speak our minds. We fucking don't care to follow in your bad examples, while ours are left to rot.

A history of belittling. You pretend you're strong, but we all know that you're not.

Surround yourself with the weaker to protect your cause. You are the fucking cancer. Blinding everyone by fear, your bully tactics won. But every dog must have their day.

You pretend you're strong, but we know you're not.

Sheep in Wolve's clothing. This is your cross to bear. Relying on the weaker to make yourself feel better.
Track Name: Nothing More To Say

Looking back to our younger days...through failed attempts & years of soul searching. I know our path has never waivered.

Clenched fists. Black eyes. Not just our music, our whole life. Who said this couldn't be forever?

Time passed by, without knowing. The common life destroyed all devotion to the message we had lost or betrayed....

To always stay young & never go quietly.

Nothing more to say. Nothing more to do. My sympathy goes out to you.

You made indifference your grave. No emotion. No response. Uninspired to this day.

Nothing more to say. Nothing more to do. I hope these words are never true.

Tear out the jaded parts of me, just long enough so I can breathe.
Track Name: Servant
It's always been this way. Letting the outside in to decide for me.
A barren land. I am ashamed.

From one poor decision into the next. Never protecting myself or ever taking a breath.
Still expecting the worst, but always hoping for the best.

You'd think I'd learn by now. I'm still the unchanged man run by my flaws.
Tired of searching for the answers to the questions I have long forgot....
As I fall further into being lost.

It could have been so easy had I taken a stand.
Obtain a life less ordinary by not giving a fuck about what this world says.

I am now wide awake & filled with regret.
Desperate to make changes. I get caught up every single chance I get.

Angels could not comfort you. They know you're no longer a servant.
Forced to walk this earth alone. Eternal coils of discontent.

Angels will not comfort you. They know you're no longer a servant.
Forced to walk this earth alone. No prayer will ever be answered.
Track Name: Good Talk
Lights out! Your "scene" is over. Who fucking knows where the passion went. We were all too busy losing. Losing ourselves, only to find ourselves again.

Never planned to live forever. But, I've seen enough to regret not living for the moment...Your life is meaningless.

Fade away. Dwelling on my failed existence. Can't escape the doubts within my mind.

I've struggled hard for my whole life to make amends, to get shit right. Still Hating. Self Depricating.

This world has crippled me, but I won't let you break me. I won't let you bring me down. I won't let you bring me, bring me down.

You never had a chance. You're devoured by the demons you thought were long at rest. This wasted life is not worth saving. (2x)
Track Name: Faceless
Here lies the resistance, devoid of all faith or contentment. Born from the darkness, yearning for the setting sun.

Remaining Faceless. Corrupted. Damaged. Focused on destroying those that bred us hateful from the start.

How strong are you pretending to be? Around for all these years...never risked a single thing. Violently striving not to fall.

Cut me off just to stop the bleeding. The path of least resistance. The chosen son worth much more than his gathering flock.

Your whole world comes crashing down.

There's one less mouth to feed from your infinite wisdom. This time I'm going against the grain.

Countless times. Constant lies. The mindless swim towards your advice.

But I won't follow. You can't contain. I won't follow, you can't contain me.

Countless times filled with constant lies. The mindless swim towards your advice.

But I won't follow. You can't contain me. I can't follow. You can't contain me.