from by Beresith



Lethargic nomad of the abyss; perpetual servant of time and space; lurker of amaranthine. Silent and unseen. Intangible rival of reason, this endless countdown. Betrayed by existence. Abandoned by reflection. Primed to protest and braced to beset. No longer shall the law of infinity rule the souls of nature. No longer shall we abide. This endless spiral of time must cease to exist. It will be brought down. Traveling through planes mortal man cannot tread. With dark intentions destiny’s blood has been shed! Wasted devotions. Monuments to nothing built of others’ lies. Wasted talents: used in vain in wasted time. Ever present invisible tormentor; orphan child of science. His task is almost complete. “We see glimpses of truth, from cracks of sky it seeps, and we know that we’ve been wrong.” Terror and fear of the unknown grip our inferior minds as what we’ve been led to believe is destroyed. Silent no longer; roaring triumphant rage of the ancient bystander. “Infinitum actu non datur.” There can be no infinity!


from Lurker, released December 1, 2012


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Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.


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