from by Beresith



Without hesitation quickly attack, with no thought of self preservation, knowing only the blood of our foes. Cries for mercy will be ignored. Kill to the last. Identical thoughts of the enemy; equally matched. Blow for blow, blood for blood - still unyielding, the ground turned red. Screams lost in the fray.

Do your duty. You have your commands the orders are clear. Destroy those who stand in your path. You must not fear, for it is our cause that is right, and all those who would stand before us will be destroyed. Overcoming exhaustion, ignoring pain. Ever onward! The earth is a massive corpse continually desecrated over and over again. We will fight until we are nothing, nothing but ashes. Rotting away.


from Lurker, released December 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Under City Records Michigan City, Indiana

Harsh tunes from the depths; Under City Records is an independent record label based in Northwest Indiana.


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